Event Schedule

Friday, November 1st


6:00PM - Red Mesa Cantina (Rooftop Performance)

Marc Scibilia & Jann Klose

6:00pm - Thirsty First

Maddie Medley & Scott Schmadeke


6:30PM - The Canopy at The Birchwood

(Rooftop Performance)

Dave Fenley & Aaron Barker


7:00PM - The Galley

Tim James & Danielle Blakey

7:30PM - Thirsty First

Lydia Luce & Hank Compton  

8:00PM - Red Mesa Cantina (Rooftop Performance)

John Ford Coley & Jeff Cohen


8:00PM - Mahaffey Theater ($)

DTSP Kickoff Concert

Ed Roland/Jesse Triplett,

The Warren Brothers and Sonia Leigh



8:30PM - The Canopy at The Birchwood

(Rooftop Performance)

Sinclair & Stela Cole

 9:00PM - The Galley

  Joseph Patton & Lindsay Rimes  

9:00PM - Thirsty First

Brian Sutherland & Liam Bauman


10:00PM - The Canopy at The Birchwood

(Rooftop Performance) 

Liz Cooper & Luke Preston


10:30PM - Red Mesa Cantina (Rooftop Performance)

  Parker Welling & T. Hardy Morris


Saturday, November 2nd


Saturday Morning Market

  9:30AM – Brian Sutherland

 10:45AM – Marc Scibilia

 11:45AM – Sonia Leigh

 12:45PM – Dave Fenley


  2:00PM - Jannus Live Main Stage

Scott Schmadeke

 3:00PM - One Night Stand

Danielle Blakey & Lindsay Rimes


3:30PM - Jannus Live Main Stage

Jann Klose


4:00PM - Red Mesa Cantina (Rooftop Performance)

 Rebekah Pulley & Natalia Bonfini


4:30PM - Thirsty First

Chris Dupre & Eden Shireen


5:00PM - One Night Stand

Jeff Cohen & Joseph Patton

 5:00PM - Jannus Live Main Stage



5:00PM - Subcentral at Iberian Rooster

Lydia Luce & Nathan Allen


5:30PM - MacDinton’s

Luke Preston & Alex Harris


6:00PM - Red Mesa Cantina (Rooftop Performance)

Parker Welling & Sonia Leigh


6:30PM - Thirsty First 

Maddie Medley & Stela Cole


7:00PM - One Night Stand

Aaron Barker  & Tim James


7:30PM - MacDintons

Emily Turnage & Hank Compton

7:30PM - Subcentral at Iberian Rooster

Deb Ruby & Liz Cooper


8:00PM - Caddy’s on Central

Marc Scibilia & Ed Roland/Jesse Triplett


8:30PM - The Galley

T. Hardy Morris & Jimmy Nash

 9:00PM - Jannus Live ($)

Matisyahu & TBA


 9:30PM - One Night Stand

The Warren Brothers


10:00PM - Yard of Ale

Brian Sutherland & Our Fire


10:30PM - The Galley

Jonathan Di Renzo & Chris Dupre

 11:00PM - Caddy’s on Central

Eden Shireen & Rebekah Pulley

 Midnight - Yard of Ale

Dave Fenley & Ella Jet

Sunday, November 3rd


11:00AM - Parks & Rec

Jonathan DiRenzo & Lydia Luce


Noon - Yard of Ale

Nathan Allen & Maddie Medley


12:30PM - Ruby’s Elixir

Marc Scibila & Sonia Leigh

1:00PM - Parks & Rec

Luke Preston & Brian Sutherland

1:00PM - Jannus Live Main Stage

Alex Harris & Liz Cooper

1:30PM - Caddy’s On Central

Aaron Barker & Parker Welling

2:00PM - Yard of Ale

Hank Compton & Tim James

2:00PM - The Hollander (Poolside)

Jimmy Nash & Natalia Bonfini

2:30PM - MacDintons

Dave Fenley & Lindsay Rimes

2:30PM - Jannus Live Main Stage

T. Hardy Morris & Chris Dupre

2:30PM - Ruby’s Elixir

Ed Roland & Stela Cole

3:00PM - Parks & Rec

Joseph Patton & Scott Schmadeke

3:30PM - Caddy’s on Central

 Jeff Cohen & Jann Klose

4:00PM - The Hollander (Poolside)

Striking Matches

4:00PM - Jannus Live Main Stage

Our Fire

4:30PM - MacDintons

Danielle Blakey & Eden Shireen


4:30PM - Ruby’s Elixir

Rebekah Pulley & Deb Ruby


5:00PM - Parks & Rec

Ella Jet & Emily Turnage



*Schedule subject to change without notice.  Each event features two performers unless otherwise noted and are approximately 1 hour in length.  Each event is free to attend unless noted ($).